Public Exhibition and events at Bhagat Singh Park, Malviya Nagar

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The design and results of the community engagement workshops, that include panels that show the broad mobility strategy at a city level and proposals for improvement of local pedestrian and NMT (Non Motorised Transit) mobility; were on display at the Bhagat Singh Park, 14th till the 21st of April.
The events on the 14th and 21st included:
Hip Hop performances by the children from the Jagdamba Camp. The performance was a result of a month long workshop with the youth and children of this resettlement colony. The workshop was lead by Bboy Sandeep from Tiny Drops (a local Hip Hop community centre in Khirkee.) The workshop was hosted and facilitated by the Pagdandi programme of the NGO Sweccha.
Film screening; which included project documentation as well as fiction, non fiction, short films and documentaries about traffic and related issues of mobility.
List of films
Hard Times

10 short film made by children through workshops done by Dreaming Child Productions

Horn OK Please

How Bikes Make Cities Cool- Portland


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