Reclaim your streets: Cycling event

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In order to interest the residents of the neighbourhoods in Non Motorized Transit ( NMT)  options a cycling event was organized through the neighbourhood and other enjoyable
and accessible destinations around Malviya Nagar. The cycling event was publicised mostly through the “Aapki Sadak” Facebook page.
A cycling route that went past the Qutb Minar and Sanjay Vann and came back to wind through the neighbourhood was decided upon and cycling enthusiasts from the
neighbourhood and around the city were invited to participate. Cycles were rented from the organization that supplies its cycles to the BRT and necessary permissions were obtained to make use of the park. Incidentally it was noticed that most parks do not allow the use of cycles within them. This may discourage residents from viewing cycles as a easy means of enjoying public space and also the use of otherwise short distances through parks to arrive at their destinations.
Within Malviya Nagar several children and some older people were enthused and expressed the wish to join the cyclists. In conversations with curious residents and people who worked in the area it was also brought out that cyclist who use cyclists felt the convenience in cycling in places were dedicated cycle paths were provided – such as on the BRT corridor east of the project site.


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